ionCleanse Detoxification and Vitality Enhancement

Why Detoxify? We are living in the most polluted, toxic environment in Earth’s known history. We are continually inhaling and assimilating toxic residues from petrochemicals, plastics, and pesticides that occupy cell receptor sites and block hormone utilization.  Toxins damage cells, disrupt our endocrine systems, and impair the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and heal itself. The body cannot metabolize and detoxify most of the poisons to which it is exposed. Most of these toxins remain in the body for many years, stored in the fat cells that exist throughout the body, which hinders our “natural” ability to self-heal through detoxification.  Simply put, detoxification is one of the pillars of health, along with nutrition, physical fitness, and stress management. No matter how “clean” your diet and lifestyle are, if you live in the US, you cannot completely avoid toxins from overloading your body (primarily your liver).  The ion Cleanse detoxification and vitality enhancement system can help you reconnect with the healthiest version of yourself.  Learn more about ion therapy.  Invest in your Health!

The ion Cleanse and Autism

A Major Difference has been working closely with the Autism Community to treat and document the results of regular detoxification sessions for individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Check out this presentation from AutismOne about how the Ion Cleanse has produced positive results for children on the Autism Spectrum.  Connect with A Major Difference for more information about owning this system as part of your child/family’s treatment protocol. Also, check out the list of articles and/or documented studies about Autism Recovery using the Ion Cleanse.

Signs of Toxicity

Sit down, take some deep breaths, and go within.  Ask yourself how you are feeling, physically and mentally.  Some early warn­ing signs of toxic over­load can include by headaches, skin con­di­tions, inflam­ma­tory and autoim­mune dis­eases, chronic fatigue and more. If you have any of the fol­low­ing symp­toms you may want to con­sider a series of Ion Cleanse detoxification sessions:

  • Acne
  • Aller­gies
  • Anx­i­ety
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Bloat­ing
  • Can­dida
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Cold Hands and Feet
  • Colds/Flu
  • Depres­sion
  • Diges­tive Prob­lems
  • Headaches/Migraine
  • Insom­nia
  • Mem­ory Loss/Fog
  • Muscle/Joint Pains
  • Poor Con­cen­tra­tion
  • Rashes
  • Inflammation/Swelling

Systems Affected by Toxins

  • Skin
  • Immune System
  • Defense System
  • Brain and Nervous System
  • Reproductive System
  • Endocrine System
  • Muscular System
  • Skeletal System
  • Heart and Circulatory System
  • Blood Vessels

Consider the following statistics

  • 400% increase in heart disease since 1900*
  •  500% increase in cancer mortality since 1900*
  • 250% increase in breast cancer since 1980*
  • 59% decrease in male sperm count since 1940*
  • 1600% increase in birth defects since 1980*
  • More than 95% of cancer is caused by environmental toxicity and diet Source – Columbia University School of Public Health
  • ​Multiple studies show that most of us have between 300 – 800 chemical residues stored in the fat cells of our bodies
  • Pesticide residues are detectable in 50-95% of the food consumed in the U.S. Source – National Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Center for health Solutions
  • “The average city water contains more than 500 chemicals” Source – USA Today

What to Expect in A Session

Allow approx­i­mately 40 min­utes for each session (the actual cleanse is 30 minutes).  Your feet are placed in warm water along with the Ion Cleanse Detox array, and the Ion Cleanse Detox sys­tem begins neu­tral­iz­ing and remov­ing tox­ins. This unique method of treat­ment works through a mag­netic field cre­ated by the array, water and salt. Healthy indi­vid­u­als can expect to feel lighter and expe­ri­ence a greater feel­ing of well-being from each ionic foot bath ses­sion. Some people with more severe illnesses experience dramatic results after just one or two sessions. This is one of the most gen­tle, safe and effective ways of detoxifying.

Who Should NOT Do the Ion Cleanse?

  • If you answer YES to any of these ques­tions it is strongly advised that you con­sult with a physi­cian prior to start­ing an Ion Cleanse Detox session.
  • Do you have a heart pace­maker or any other bat­tery oper­ated or elec­tri­cal implants?
  • Are you preg­nant or breastfeeding?
  • Are you a recip­i­ent of an organ transplant?
  • Are you on men­tal health medications?
  • Are you on a blood pres­sure medication?
  • Are you on blood-thinning med­ica­tion such as coumadin?
  • Do you take med­ica­tion for irreg­u­lar heart beat?
  • Are you cur­rently tak­ing a course of chemother­apy treatment?


Look­ing for more information about Ion Cleanse Detoxification? Check out the arti­cles and studies below:

  • A Major Difference has been working closely with AutismOne to treat and document the results of regular detoxification sessions for individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Check out this presentation from AutismOne about how the Ion Cleanse has produced positive results for children on the Autism Spectrum.  Also, check out this article about Autism Recovery using the Ion Cleanse.
  • The Alter­na­tive Health Research Foun­da­tion con­ducted a study inves­ti­gat­ing the Ion Cleanse Detox in con­junc­tion with relax­ation tech­niques and min­eral sup­ple­men­ta­tion. The study con­sisted of 31 par­tic­i­pants who did Ion Cleanse Detox ses­sions twice a week for 12 weeks.
  • A Major Dif­fer­ence, the man­u­fac­turer of the Ion Cleanse  has also con­ducted and spon­sored numer­ous stud­ies designed to sup­port and/or con­test the accu­racy of the system.

Learn More About How You Can Regain Your Vitality and Feel Your Best 


Single Session: $45/ *$55
3 Session Pack: $125 (10% savings) / * $150
6 Session Pack : $230 (15% savings) / * $280
10 Session Pack: $360 (20% savings) / *$450

* Add Reiki to your 30 minute session (while seated and cleansing) for an additional $10 per session

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