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Upcoming Reiki Workshop Schedule (held in Parker, CO)

Reiki I 2021 Workshop Schedule:  Investment $185
02/06/21, 05/01/21, 09/18/21, 11/13/21

Reiki II 2021 Workshop Schedule:  Investment $195
02/07/21, 05/02/21, 09/19/21, 11/14/21

Reiki Master 2021 Workshop Schedule: Investment $265
02/18/21, 05/13/21, 09/23/21, 11/17/21

Reiki Master Teacher 2021 Workshop Schedule: Investment $450        
* Late March/Early April (Thursday or Friday)
* Early Oct (Thursday or Friday)

* Contact me with interest – date will be determined collectively as a group

Register for A Reiki Workshop

A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required to confirm your spot in each Reiki workshop. The remaining balance (non-refundable) is due 1 week prior to the workshop. If the workshop is canceled (minimum attendance not met or other unforeseen circumstance), a full refund will be issued. To register for a class, send me an email  or give me a call at 303-981-3393 indicating which class you would like to register for (including date and level) and I confirm availability and send instructions for securing your spot via a deposit (best way is through Venmo or PayPal).  Classes are small to allow an informal, safe space for discussion and sharing of experiences.  If the class you want to register for is full, I am happy to waitlist you. Often times I have a spot or two open up at the last minute.


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