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Live More Fully Through Self Exploration, Presence & Reflection :
Psychedelic Facilitation & Support Services for Psilocybin and Cannabis

Are you feeling stuck in life? Are echoes from your past holding you back from embracing the full joy and richness life has to offer?

The intertwined spectrum of mind, body, spirit, and emotions that make us beautifully human is at the heart of this work. The imperfections, traumas, and pain that are part of our human experience are meant to be felt, processed and integrated.

I am here to guide and support you in a compassionate, safe, and grounded space by providing a safe container for you to experience your own presence with whatever is here. With intention, we can sit togehter with safety and connection to explore your inner terrain. This is where the deeper work happens. 


We work together using reiki, spiritual exploration, embodiment, somatics, and integration of  psychedelic assisted therapeutic experiences to dive deep into the folds of your being. 

This journey can usher in deeply transformative insights, help us move past self-limiting thoughts and behaviors, and process rooted emotions or significant life events hidden away from our conscious minds.  This exploration often goes beyond personal growth, gifting us broader perspectives and a deeper connection to ourselves and those we love. It can also provide us with a more meaningful way to engage with the world around us. 

Without integrating our experiences, they simply remain in the subconscious of our energy field. Integration is about pulling the wisdom from our experiences into both our past and daily life, creating change that can result in growth and healing. Without this, psychedelics will not help us to heal, they become more of a recreational experience.

“Be gentle. You are slowly bringing light and love to the dark places inside. Go slow. You are getting to know forgotten parts of yourself.  There’s no rush. You are meeting energies you spent your life pushing away and denying.  Healing is not a destination. Forgive yourself each day.  You didn’t know how to slow down until now.  You didn’t know how to meet pain. You didn’t know how to face yourself.  Breathe. That’s it. Healing doesn’t happen all at once. It’s only moment by moment.  It’s only now. And so you can always begin your life again.”  – Jeff Foster

Trauma is a chronic disruption of connection. Everyone can benefit from nervous system regulation. It’s not just reserved for those with unhealed trauma or chronic conditions. Why? Because the nervous system is the connection to all aspects of life. It is at the heart of our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, immune system, digestion, musculoskeletal system, and hormones. A healthy, regulated nervous system is foundational to how we show up in our own lives, our relationships, and in the world. Reiki, somatic techniques, and the wisdom of various plant medicines all help to regulate the nervous system. 

Navigating this newer space of using psychedelics therapeutically for personal growth and healing can be confusing, even scary. I’m here to sit beside you in a safe container to provide support, education and integration for your experience. Harm reduction is the core objective of this work. Together, we will embrace ambiguity and honor life and the messy human experience, knowing that no one has this all figured out. We will acknowledge that uncertainty brings opportunities for clarity, choice, compassion, and greater connection with ourselves, those around us, and the ways that we engage with the world around us.  

Trust, commitment and integration lay the foundation for psychedelic medicine.  The wisdom of the medicine illuminates our path. It refines our intentions and ushers our awareness into the present moment. This work is not without challenges. Traumas, pain, confusion, and intense emotions can feel overwhelming. Trust that the medicine is a true teacher and will always point you back to yourself.


Begin the Process of Becoming…

Unwrap the richness of life experiences that have been waiting to bring you closer to self.  Patiently, lovingly. I will meet and sit with you wherever you are at.

Colorado residents voted to pass Proposition 122 in Colorado in November of 2022. When Colorado finalizes the governance and regulations for licensed healing centers and practitioners, psilocybin-assisted therapeutic services will be legally available here in Colorado. These psilocybin-assisted therapeutic services are projected to be available sometime in 2024.

When Proposition 122 was passed, the decriminalization of psilocybin mushrooms for “personal use” went into effect. This means that it is no longer a criminal offense for individuals to possess, ingest, share or gift psilocybin mushrooms to persons who are at least 21 years of age without remuneration (i.e. payment.)

I provide guidance and support for individuals engaged in personal use of psilocybin. Preparation is a key piece of this work, and without integration support, it is akin to missing half of the medicine experience. Harm reduction is the primary objective of this work. At this time, under the new Colorado state law, I cannot offer psilocybin-assisted therapy until the licensing requirements for healing centers and facilitators is finalized (expected to be in late 2024). In addition, I can not sell psilocybin-containing mushrooms, nor can I suggest or recommend psilocybin mushrooms for therapy or any other purposes.

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I am not a licensed medical professional. I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any illness or health issue. The information or advice provided on this site should not be construed as medical advice. If you choose to try any of the natural remedies, essential oils  or advice contained on this site, you will be taking responsibility for your own health and wellness. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information.