Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction that promotes healing by allowing the body to enter a deeply relaxed state.

Private Yoga

Have you been wanting to try yoga, but feel too intimidated to go to a group class or a studio?

Ion Cleanse Detoxification

Why Detoxify? We are living in the most polluted environment in Earth’s known history.

My Story

LIProfile4Hi, I’m Amy. A little about me, my journey and how this all came to be….

After my son was born (about 8 years ago), I experienced some health problems that manifested both physically and emotionally. I had just about every “western medicine” test that could potentially apply to the myriad of symptoms I was having, and every test came back “normal”.  But, I felt so far from “normal” (marginally functional at best).  My doctor advised me to start taking anxiety medication. With an extremely sensitive system and additional/different side effects resulting from the medication, I realized that masking the symptoms with medication was not the answer for me.  I began to explore other avenues that might provide some insight into what my body was telling me, and what I could do to regain my health and re-connect with my core being.  And my personal journey began… Read More


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Re-connect with your soul, experience personal transformation, rediscover the joyful emotion of feeling whole…by returning “home”

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