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My Favorites

Over the years, I have tried many, many supplements and health & wellness (and biohacking) products along my journey. I’ve also spent copious amounts of time listening to podcasts and attending webinars and classes to learn about various modalities and products.   Many of these links are affiliate links so if you purchase any of these items through the links on this page, I make a small commission at no extra charge to you. If you purchase through my links, you have my sincere gratitude for your help supporting my business. You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.

CBD and Magic Mushroom Products 

Erth Wellness is one of my very favorite brands for CBD gummies (they work wonders for sleep!) and also mushrooms that you can use for microdosing or for various psychedelic experiences (based on dosing provided). Whether you are using these products for therapeutic purposes or recreation, I always recommend a very intentional use. Personally, I always say an intentional prayer and blessing prior to ingesting any plant medicines. A good motto to follow (based on both my training and personal experience) is “start low and go slow”. My favorites so far are:

  • The Extra Strength sleep gummies with melatonin, CBN, Live Resin and a small amount of THC 
  • The Day Trip Microdosed Gummies Complemented By 50mg Of Cognitive-Boosting Blend Of Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, And Reishi Mushrooms
  • Road Trip Mushroom Gummies (Amanita Muscaria Blend or Desert Stardust) – The 2 different blends offer different experiences. You can even order the sample/try before you buy packs to experiment. 
  • Check out their products for pets too! 

Enter  code AMYM25Z2 for 25% off at checkout . Explore Erth Wellness here

Axis Mundi Check out one of their many online courses to support you in your intentional medicine work for healing and evolution. From their Psychedelic Self-care Bundle to their Microdosing course to their Mesodose course, they offer a variety of online (and digital) courses to support your intentional journey with psilocybin. 

Pause Breathwork      Breathwork is such a powerful way to prepare for intentional psychedelic work, as well as integration. It can also be a huge benefit DURING a medicine journey to bring more grounding during challenging experiences. Or, you can even get HIGH on your own Supply by exploring holotrophic breathwork. 

Biohacking (aka rocking middle age and beyond)

Red Therapy Co  I personally have “The Dual” from Red Therapy Co that our whole family uses. We use them together to get a full body treatment all at once. Ari Whitten, a popular icon in the health, fitness & biohacking world helped personally design this technology and it is probably the best value I have seen, given the quality and features for the price. We use it to reduce inflammation (lots of athletes in our family), for anti-aging (skin), hair growth (my husband), and general health & well-being. Their website has some research to support the benefits of redlight. They also offer a 60 day Trial and 2 year warranty on all of their products and have great customer reviews! Enter THRIVEWITHAMY at checkout for $100 discount on purchase

Mito Red Light Therapy   This company offers some of the most powerful and effective devices available at an incredible value (30-50% less than the price of some of their competitors). They stand behind their products 100% and offer a REAL 60 Day Trial without any hidden restocking fees or hoops to jump through like other companies out there. Check out their industry-leading multi-wavelength MitoPRO series, the Mito Mobile (priced under $200 before any discounts), MitoMOD series and our patent-pending MitoADAPT Series. There is a ton of research available now regarding the benefits of red light therapy. Great for healing injuries, boosting skin appearance, general anit-aging and even some research on hair growth (to name just a few).  More information on their site with research and benefits. Enter THRIVEWITHAMY at checkout for 5% discount on purchase

Higher Dose A unique  at home spa experience at the intersection of wellness, health, and beauty. Their line of infrared devices harness the most healing technologies available—from infrared’s healing heat, to PEMF’s grounding technology, to red light’s rejuvenating rays. Their accessories are an excellent way to prep the skin and exfoliate for sauna sessions. They also have a Magnesium Ingestibles Line that includesDetox Drops, High-Dration Powder, and Chill Chews –  to maximize hydration and well-being. Their Magnesium Body Care line includes transdermalGet Salty Spray, Healing Oil, and Serotonin Soak which are absorbed through the digestive system and works by calming the body, deepening your detox, boosting your mood and enhancing glowing skin. Ladies, this company is SO much fun if you’re into biohacking and wellness!

Apollo Neuro Calm your body, clear your mind, and feel the benefits of meditation effortlessly. Created by neuroscientists and physicians, this device delivers gentle, soothing vibrations to improve energy & focus, reduce stress, improve sleep quality, heart rate variability and stress resiliency. Backed by research, 30 day money back guarantee. I noticed sounder sleep and improved HRV with mine!

Find Greater Purpose

Pause Breathwork      We weren’t born to experience constant stress and anxiety. You CAN feel states of calm, peace, ease, clarity, and freedom in all areas of your life. The good news is that YOU are the drug that makes that happen. Activate your body’s natural ability to feel and heal through the power of breathwork. Add breathwork to your healing toolkit to help manage stress, move through trauma, improve sleep, boost immunity, and find greater peace & clarity. Lots of options here – become a facilitator, coach or download the app to start experimenting. For my reiki students, coaching clients, or wellness colleagues who have a practice, there is even a 21 day Embodied Facilitator Training that could really enhance how you serve your clients!

The Shift Network  Explore the many on demand classes, live trainings, free online events and more to find a greater sense of purpose, expand your gifts and passions or build your self-healing toolkit. I take advantage of many of their programs, and am always inspired by all the areas to grow, evolve and add to my self-healing toolkit!

Real Subliminal    NATURALLY stimulate your mind to help you achieve your goals. Their MP3s will directly penetrate your unconscious mind, allowing you to make lasting changes to your thoughts, habits, and behavior to dramatically improve your life, reach your goals, or help you to discover your purpose with more clarity. If you are a fan of hypnosis, deep meditation, or energy work at the subconscious level, this might be a great tool to add to your self-care and personal growth kit! 


Drs Best High Absorption Magnesium      Magnesium is essential to support many processes in the body, and is a regular supplement for our family. This brand offers a great quality for the value and seems to be highly absorbable

New Chapter Mens Everyday Multivitamin     Great all around daily multivitamin to fill in any nutrition gaps and enhance immune function

New Chapter Womens Everyday Multivitamin (for women over 40)  Great all around daily multivitamin to fill in any nutrition gaps and enhance immune function

Thorne Vitamin D3 K2 Liquid Drops   Another essential daily supplement for our family. Helps support Immune function. Liquid drops are especially helpful for kids or those who can’t swallow pills. Important to take D3 with vitamin K2, and this fits the bill.

Orthomolecular Vitamin D3 K2 Liquid Drops    Another great option for this essential daily supplement. Helps support Immune function. Liquid drops are especially helpful for kids or those who can’t swallow pills. Important to take D3 with vitamin K2, and this fits the bill.

Sparkle Collagen Skin Boost Plus This is great for hair, skin, joint and nails. As part of a protein forward diet, I use this everyday in my coffee or smoothie. Sourced the only collagen peptides that are developed to target specific organs and systems and have been clinically trialled and tested to prove their efficacy. Pure Ingredients  – with no GMO’s or artificial ingredients ever. Collagen is a MUST if you are active and one of the best ways to rock middle age and keep joints, skin and hair healthy. My nails are amazing when I consistently use this supplement. 

Digestive Enzymes: As we age, our natural production of enzymes decreases and it becomes more important to supplement enzymes at each meal to improve absorption of nutrients. I’ve listed several of my favorite options below. 

NOW Digestive Enzymes     These are very reasonably priced, and cover the span of all enzymes needed. 

Amy Myers Complete Enzymes (chewable)     These are chewable, which is nice for kids or those with trouble swallowing pills. These are a powerful, full spectrum enzyme.

Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes    Another great option. Very clean, high quality. 

Microbiome Labs FodMate Enzymes    If you are prone to SIBO, these are a great option to offset some effects of eating foods that can aggravate SIBO symptoms

Probiotics: Gut health seems to be tied to almost all functioning within the human body. If you are trying to narrow  your supplements down to just a few core per day, a probiotic should definitely be on your list. There are differing opinions about the viability of refrigerated probiotics vs spore based (no refrigeration required). My family gets results with both I’ve listed several of my favorite options below. 

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra Probiotic This has 5 billion CFU and 13 strains of probiotics, combined with HSOs (Homeostatic Soil Organisms). This unique combination works wonders in promoting a healthy digestive balance, supporting overall gut health. It is more expensive, but worthwhile if you are struggling with gut issues or lowered immune funtion. 

Garden of Life Once Daily Ultra    This is one of my favorites for overall potency and we have used it after any course of antibiotics or other acute gut issues. HIGH POTENCY with 90 billion probiotics and 15 different strains. 

Garden of Life Mood Enhancing Probiotic    Promotes Emotional Well-Being, Relaxation and Digestive Balance all in one. Contains adaptogenic herb Ashwagandha for Stress Management

Garden of Life Once Daily Womens Probiotic    Probiotics for Women with prebiotics, 50 Billion CFU for Daily Digestive Vaginal & Immune Health, with 16 Probiotic Strains (Shelf Stable No Gluten Dairy Soy)

Microbiome Labs Megaspore Probiotic   This is my favorite spore based probiotic. Shelf stable, and great for people who might be sensitive to other probiotics (esp those with SIBO). High quality, rooted in research. 


Integrative Therapeutics Phosphatidylserine Great soy-free option to help with mental stress (and sleep) and cognitive functioning. There is some research that these also help with the management of Cortisol (which results in more blood sugar control and regulation). Another great option for women (and men) wanting to stay strong and rock middle age!

Redmonds Re-Lyte Hydration Electrolyte Powder Hydration electrolyte mix. If you are an athlete, active outdoor or gym enthusiast, eating KETO/low carb or taking semaglutide/Ozempic, electrolyte replenishment is a must. Takes great, no carbs/sugar and is a great way to replenish and keep sodium levels in balance. This is a great alternative (a little less expensive) to LMNT. 


I am not a licensed medical professional. I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any illness or health issue. The information or advice provided on this site should not be construed as medical advice. If you choose to try any of the natural remedies, essential oils  or advice contained on this site, you will be taking responsibility for your own health and wellness. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information.