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“Amy has consistently guided me for the last seven years in the most beautiful direction. I started my journey with Amy’s Reiki level 1 and level 2 certifications and later attended her Reiki Master certification. Amy had amazing resources and information about Reiki that made the process feel thorough, applicable, and authentic. Amy is the catalyst for the development in my own successful Reiki business. I continue to see Amy for Reiki and intuitive guidance every few months as her work is the most potent and well-rounded of all Reiki practitioners that I have had the pleasure of working with. Amy is a staple in my well-being and growth and her intuitive work remains with me through my life’s journey.” – Erin B. 

“I learned Reiki from Amy. She is a truly gifted healer. As a psychotherapist, I know that somatic healing is a much needed component along with talk therapy. Amy’s intuition is so accurate as she communicates with your Spirit Guides during the Reiki session. I recommend Amy for anyone who is ready to receive healing on a very profound level.” – Kathy W. 

“I completed Reiki II certification with Amy a little over 3 years ago and have had the opportunity to stay connected to her ever since. I just recently completed my Master Reiki certification/attunement with her, and I feel so blessed to have been guided to her. Her courses are so beautifully designed. She is genuine and gifted; she is full of light and love; and the wealth of knowledge and compassion she has for what she does is apparent in every word she speaks. I love learning from her and feel so uplifted when I am in her presence. The work she does is just what we need more of in this world, so if you have the opportunity to work with her, don’t hesitate. You’ll leave with a full bucket each time!” – Karen T.

“Amy is an amazing woman with many many gifts. I have taken yoga instruction from her, had multiple ion cleansing sessions and received Reiki from her as well. Having been a Reiki Master Teacher for almost 20 years, I can say she is truly enlightened. Her willingness and openness to having the spirit move through her is a gift. She is so gentle and caring and generous and kind. I cannotsay enough good things about her. ” – Michele

“My Reiki experience was unlike anything I had experienced before.  I had many emotional releases (which I had been hanging on to for far too long) during the session.  It was simply mind blowing, and my whole body was lighter when it was over.  Amy has a true gift, and her guidance during the process was so comforting.  I have been to traditional therapy many times in my life for long stretches of time; however, nothing compared to the results I received during just one Reiki session.  I have been back for more Reiki sessions since then, and the experience was equally satisfying.  Reiki is a part of my every day life now. I am now a level II Reiki practitioner. Thank you Amy, for all the love and light. I highly recommend Reiki.” “P.S. My husband is a psychiatrist MD, and he has noticed that I am functioning better since having had Reiki.  He says to ‘keep it up’. ” – Terri

“I’ve experienced Reiki with Amy on a number of occasions to relieve lower back pain and other issues that I’ve experienced with acute pain as it relates to my overall body.  First of all, Amy’s space is so warm and welcoming that it takes me no time at all to become comfortable and relaxed.  Her calm and supporting nature allows me to fully engage in releasing any tensions and let the energetic healing that she provides take root.  I am always amazed at how good I feel after each session; pain diminished, more mobility in my body and a sense of overwhelming well being.  Thank you, Amy!” – Mindy

After suffering with chronic hip and lower back pain for several months and having already tried various other treatments I decided to try Reiki.  Each session was amazingly relaxing and I experienced a significant reduction in my pain.    I would definitely recommend it.” – Sonia

“Amy is such a beautiful spirit! She is extremely wise and kind hearted. A joy to be around. Her yoga classes are filled with wisdom and are a great experience. Her reiki workshop was transformational to say the least. Words alone can’t describe what an amazing experience I had.” ~ Allison D.

“Amy has been that thoughtful and constant friend who brings out authenticity and allows everyone around her to be vulnerable. Her passion to bring healing, light, and love in this world oozes through every part of her being and it is contagious! Truly blessed to know her! “
” ~ Abhineeta M. 

“Amy is a professional, compassionate and gifted Reiki teacher. I felt very comfortable exploring Reiki in both her Reiki I and Reiki II workshops. Thanks, Amy!” ~ Mindy P.

“My path first crossed Amy’s during a yoga class nearly a decade ago and I have been working with her ever since with Reiki and other modalities. I have sent countless clients to her with the utmost of confidence that she would be able to help them. Amy is super talented and a true healer. If you are willing to try a new way to heal your mind and body, this is the work for you. I highly recommend her.” ~ Lisa F.

“I didn’t know what to expect for my first Reiki session, but each session made me feel incredibly relaxed and calm. When the sessions are over, I feel so relaxed,  almost as if I’m in a ‘trance’.  I always sleep incredibly well after a session.”  – Brian 

“My son’s Reiki experience with Amy was excellent! Amy is very caring and compassionate. Her energy is amazing! Thank you!” – Sarah


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