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Emotion Code ® Sessions

The Emotion Code ®

As we journey through the days and years of our lives, we are continually experiencing emotions of one kind or another. At times, our journey consists of challenging experiences that often results in negative emotions. Some of our challenges are big and icky and overwhelming; some don’t outwardly appear to be a big deal. In both cases, emotions remain unprocessed and get energetically trapped within the body. Instead of simply experiencing the emotion and moving on, the energy of the emotion becomes trapped within the physical body. This often leads to dis-ease within the body, the mind, and spirt whether it’s in the form of physical symptoms or emotional struggles. The vast majority of us do have trapped emotions, simply because of what we have been through and who we are at this point in our lives.

The Emotion Code ® is a quick and effective technique of finding and releasing trapped emotions from the body. Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, this energy medicine technique is completely non-invasive and can be effectively facilitated remotely. Personally, I’ve seen the power of this modality from a single session. However, as with most modalities and holistic approaches, you’ll get the most benefit from several sessions. In cases of a heart wall, it often takes 3-5 sessions to completely clear all of the trapped emotions. Dr. Bradley estimates that over 90% of the population has some sort of heart wall.

Self-Healing and Personal Transformation

Like ReibutterfliesTransformationki, this technique can facilitate self-healing by helping to create balance within the body. When the body is balanced, we have a remarkable ability to self-heal and to self-regulate. When trapped emotions are released, energy is able to flow more freely through our meridians (energy highways) to our organs, tissues and cells – thus impacting the physical body, mind and spirit.

Many people have had positive outcomes with The Emotion Code ® for a variety of physical symptoms and emotional imbalances. This includes everything from improvements in sleep and anxiety, to a reduction in chronic pain or muscular imbalances, to the ability to finally lose weight or kick a habit. Read more about various experiences with The Emotion Code ® here.

We can’t see the energy that’s all around us in the form of radio waves, x-rays, infrared, thought waves and emotions. Even though we can’t “see” the energy of trapped or unprocessed emotions (in medical tests, X-rays, etc.), they will affect the function of certain organs. A tumor that shows in an X-ray may in fact be the result of a trapped emotion. For instance, emotions associated with abandonment, betrayal, feeling lost, insecurity, and effort un-received will often manifest as symptoms related to the functions of the Heart and Small Intestine. Anxiety, despair worry, failure, hopelessness, and low Self-Esteem will often manifest as symptoms related to the functions of the Spleen or Stomach. Crying, discouragement, rejection sadness, sorrow, grief, and confusion will often manifest as symptoms related to the functions of the Lung and Colon. Anger, bitterness, hatred, resentment, depression, panic, and taken for granted will often manifest as symptoms related to the functions of Liver and Gall Bladder. If emotions aren’t processed and released, they begin to impact the functioning of the corresponding organ group. Read more about various aspects of The Emotion Code ® from Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code Blog.

Emotion Code Sessions can help facilitate self-healing for various imbalances such as PTSD, digestive issues, inability to forgive, chronic headaches, chronic pain, phobias, finanacial stress, anxiety, and many others.  I get to the root of the issue via muscle testing to access the subconscious mind to find and release the trapped emotion(s).  Although we can do a session in person (which I will typically combine with Reiki and other energy medicine techniques), most are performed via proxy after we have discussed your intentions.

What to Expect in an Emotion Code Session

We will connect via phone (or email if it’s easier) and discuss the physical and/or emotional challenges that you would like to address. I’ll get all the information that I need from you to facilitate a remote healing session, and then we’ll schedule an approximate timeframe as to when I will do the work. The beauty of this modality is that you don’t need to be anywhere specific or be doing anything specific while I am facilitating the healing. When I’m finished with the session, I will followup with written details of my findings and recommendations on moving forward. The investment for each session includes the preparation, the session time (usually about 25-30 minutes), and the followup. Please plan to be here for an hour  for an in-person session (which may include Reiki and other energy work as part of the process). As all healing is self-healing, the body will only release what it’s ready to release. Most people are able to release anywhere from 5 – 12 trapped emotions per session. Sometimes the effect is immediate, and sometimes it can take a day or 2 for the energetic changes to reach the physical body. Regardless, the body typically needs at least 2-3 days to process the released emotions before it’s ready to release more. You may feel a little “up and down” or emotional after a session; this is normal as the body processes the release.


$120 (remote session – includes pre-session consult and follow-up information/consult)
$135 (in-person 90 minute session, in conjunction with Reiki)

Contact me to Schedule and arrange pre-payment for a session.


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