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Reiki III/Master

Reiki III/Master Class and Corresponding Attunement

Begin a journey of mastering the self through Reiki Level III/Reiki Master. You will be introduced to the Reiki Master symbol, and shown how to use it. You will experience further personal and spiritual growth as your awareness of the intensity and power of Reiki expands. With the master attunement and use of the master symbol, the highest level of Reiki is activated. You will receive the opportunity to open more completely to the limitless potential of Reiki and to develop within yourself the qualities that are contained in Reiki energy. With the potential to help virtually all physical conditions (through self-healing), Reiki energy brings unlimited love, joy, peace, compassion, wisdom, abundance, clarity,and more. The more we learn to meditate on the source of Reiki, the greater our spiritual growth and capacity to encourage healing within the body. You will also learn master level techniques that go beyond the scope of Reiki II training.

Some Reiki Master Courses include the Reiki Teacher symbol and corresponding attunement as part of the course. Many of the people who take Reiki I and Reiki II choose to continue on to Reiki Master level, but don’t intend to teach Reiki. Because the typical investment for Reiki Master Teacher is much greater, I choose to split the Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher workshops up to provide greater financial accessibility to those who do not choose to take the Reiki Teacher path at this time. If you  live in Parker, Elizabeth, Franktown, Lone Tree, Centennial, Highlands Ranch and surrounding areas and want a Reiki class in Colorado, please reach out to me.

What you will learn and experience in the Reiki III/Master Class:

  • Receive the Reiki III/Master attunement & corresponding symbol (known as the Master symbol)
  • Become more aligned with your soul through the awakening of the highest Reiki energy
  • Gain practical experience by working with the Master symbol on other workshop participants
  • Experience the energies of the symbol through practical techniques that expand beyond the basic Reiki hand positions
  • Learn an Advanced Energetic Release Technique to help clear ‘stuck’ energy
  • Refine skills and knowledge learned in Reiki I and Reiki II
  • Experience another cycle of the ‘Reiki cleanse/Chakra cleansing‘ cycle
  • Gain more knowledge about the Chakras and Chakra clearing techniques
  • Expand your understanding of the Emotional Freedom Techniqueaffirmations and the power of manifestion
  • You will receive an official Reiki III/Master Certificate of Completion and have the ability to expand your services as Reiki practitioner even further (if that is your desire)
  • You will receive a Reiki Master’s manual to take home with you

Investment: Depends on class size. Range is from $225  – $350 (private) 


“Whatever is happening in your life, don’t pre-occupy yourself with the question WHY? But rather ponder more on to WHERE these events will be bringing you. KNOW that you are being led to somewhere beautiful, beyond your present harsh reality. Once you get to the WHERE, then  you’ll know the WHY. Trust the process.” ~ Unknown


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