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Chakra Clearing

Schedule a Session to Clear and Balance Your Chakras

When one or more chakra is not functioning optimally, energy cannot move freely throughout the body. Fed by the chakras, our meridians are our energy “highways”, which transport energy to our organs, tissues and cells. Each meridian (with a few exceptions) feeds an organ, so it’s important to keep the energy moving freely to keep that organ/system functioning normally.

By balancing the chakras, we create space for energy to flow where it’s needed and can direct more balance in the body.

What to Expect

You lie fully clothed on a massage table while I move my hands slightly above your body over your seven major chakras. This procedure clears, balances, and re-energizes each chakra for optimal functioning. Ideally, the chakras are cleared and balanced 1-2 time per month (or as needed). This is also something you can learn to do yourself.

How is this different than Reiki?

While reiki indirectly addresses the chakras, it is undirected. Energy medicine (which encompasses chakra balancing) aims to access energy imbalances systematically and to actively intervene. Reiki is more passive than active, more like a meditation in that it is not “directed” by the practitioner.

Investment: $125 (60 minute session)


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