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Reiki Share Meetup

Reiki Share Parker & SE Aurora at iThrive Yoga

With love and light, it is my intention to hold a Reiki Share in Parker that brings together Reiki and Healing practitioners and/or individuals to converse and share the wondrous blessings of Reiki and Energetic Healing.

Due to COVID, we have not yet resumed the Reiki Share sessions. I am hoping to offer these again in Spring 2021.

Open to all levels, this provides opportunities to learn, practice, share experiences, develop spiritually and expand your Reiki and Self-Healing journey along with teachers and healers from all walks of life. Participating in a Reiki Share is a wonderful way to share Energy Healing with others, honor ourselves as healers, as well as to introduce energy healing to those who have never experienced them before. Shares will include some brief group discussion and/or meditation, and some hands-on Reiki. We are all connected, and can learn so much from each other!

This group used to meet at iThrive Yoga in Parker, CO. Unfortunately, iThrive Yoga had to permanently close its doors due to COVID and we have not yet resumed in-person shares. Generally, plan on the once a month from 6:30 – 8:30 (please always check meetup site, as the date changes and RSVP is required).  Typically, we start with introductions and a short grounding meditation, and then rotate in groups of 2 or 3 so that each participant gives and receives Reiki.  Please check for meetup confirmation prior to coming, as we will only hold this with 3 or more confirmed RSVPs.  As always, it’s FREE to join the meetup group.  Monies collected for these Reiki shares will go to pay for the meetup group itself. We look forward to sharing our energy with you in this space!

Who Should Join?  Anyone attuned to any level of Reiki.  All lineages of Reiki are welcome! Each meetup is limited 12 members in order to keep it cozy.

MeetupLogo    Join the Meetup Group to give and receive Reiki in a beautiful, healing space!


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