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Reiki Specials

Reiki Holiday Special

Give yourself (or loved one) the gift of health this season!  While the holiday season can bring so much joy and excitement, it can also result in an overbooked calendar, loss of sleep, increase in stress, and decline in nutrition.  This can be taxing on the body, particularly the adrenals, which can lead to a weakened immune system.  Recharge and restore in January by re-balancing your body through energy work! Reiki is an amazing modality for deep relaxation, and it promotes self-healing. Whether you want an hour to deeply relax and unwind, an injury that needs to heal, a chronic condition that you struggle with, or an emotional issue that you’d like to release, energy work can provide a myriad of benefits for the mind, body and soul.  Take advantage of this one hour Reiki Session special for $60 (save $15) through December 19th!




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