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Below is living list of great podcasts and interviews to help you get a better understanding of the many aspects of intentional plant medicine and psychedelics use. My intention is to include podcasts offering value from the important areas history, education/harm reduction, preparation, experiential, limitations, and integration perspectives. 

One of the most incredible aspects of both microdosing and full macrodose journeys (with psilocybin) is how it enhances your connection to your intuition and discernment. Embracing this empowerment and integrating it into daily life has been one of the most valuable gifts this journey with the medicine has offered me. Trusting your intuition, inner wisdom and innate ability to self-heal is incredibly liberating.

My intention with this diverse selection of podcasts is that you listen with curiosity and an open mind, using your own intuition and heart to connect with what resonates personally, and letting go of what doesn’t, without judgment. Allow these conversations to inspire you to do your own research, journal, meditate, and reflect on how it might relate to your experience. Use your thoughts and questions to engage in meaningful conversations with friends, family, or your spouse/partner.

I recognize that there are so many podcasts and so much information available online. And, I love how mainstream this information has increasingly become. As I said, my intention is to include discussions from a variety of perspectives, not all of which I personally agree with. However, I have a respect and reverence for the wisdom of this medicine, and know that everyone experiences it differently. 

Just as all life in nature, and all mycelium are connected, so are we as spiritual beings. If nothing else, this medicine may help bring an understanding that we are all doing this thing called life together, trying to do our best. We all struggle with various challenges, every day. Embracing different perspectives and having open discussions is a beautiful thing. 

Andrew Huberman: Psychedelics for Mental Health

Andrew Huberman: Psychedelic Medicine for Treating Mental Health with Dr. Matthew Johnson

Andrew Huberman: How Psilocybin Can Rewire our Brain, It’s Therapeutic Benefits & Risks

Modern Psychedelics: Ben Malcom Psychedelic Pharmacology 101

Dr. Matthew Johnson: Psychedelics for Treating Mental Disorders(YouTube)

Dr. Nolan Williams: Psychedelics and Neurostimulation for Brain Rewiring (YouTube)

Dr. Jame Fadiman Microdosing Psilocybin (Spotify)

Paul Stamets:  Psilocybin Mushroom Medicines: A Paradigm Shift in Global Consciousness (YouTube)

Grounded Health: Exploring the World of Psilocybin: Education, Safety, and Legal Insights with Grounded (You Tube)

Dennis Mckenna: Dennis McKenna: Improve Creative Thinking with Psychedelics as Tools for Learning

Microdosing for Healing with Kayce Gehret: Crafting a Container For Transformative Experiences with Microdosing

Microdosing for Healing with Kayce Gehret: Solo Q&A: All kinds of great information about journeys and microdosing

Spirit Pharmacist Dr. Ben Malcom on Psychedelic Science & Safety (Podbean)

Pain and Psychedelics: Reviewing a Newly Published Paper (YouTube)

Psilocybin Comes to Colorado – podcast with Dr. Craig Heacock and Dr. Shannon Hughes

Daniel McQueen: Explore the Potential for Healing & Personal Transformation through Intentional Use of Psychedelics

Tracey Tee: Motherhood and Psychedelics Inside a Broken Culture 

Charles Eisenstein: Psychedelics, Interbeing and the More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

Rick Doblin: Psychedelics researcher and the founder and executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

Third Wave: Psychedelic Pharmacology: How Medications Could Impact Your Journey

Josie Kins: The 7 Levels of the Psychedelic Experience 

Luke Storey: Psychedelics & the Future of Addiction Recovery (Ep. #386 )

Psychedelic Educators Tahkole: Shedding Shame & Secrets Through Shadow Work & Radical Honesty 

Tim Ferris: Why Dr. Andrew Huberman Changed His Mind About Psychedelics (YouTube)

Tim Ferris: Microdosing, Mind Enhancing Methods and More – An Expert Panel Discussion (YouTube)

Wellness Mama: Amy Emerson of MAPS on the Future of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy & Research

Wellness Mama: Tucker Max on the Most Significant Finding for Processing Emotions, Trauma, and PTSD

Wellness Mama: Paul Austin of Third Wave on Understanding and Using Psychedelics for Transformation

Dr. Craig Heacock, MD: Great Podcast Series providing education about psychedelic assisted therapies


I am not a licensed medical professional. I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any illness or health issue. The information or advice provided on this site should not be construed as medical advice. If you choose to try any of the natural remedies, essential oils  or advice contained on this site, you will be taking responsibility for your own health and wellness. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information.