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Connect With Your Soul Through Private Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions

Have you been trying to develop a meditation practice or connect with yourself on a deeper level, but just can’t seem to find the stillness within? Time and time again, the research is pointing to the health benefits of a regular meditation/mindfulness practice – even just a few short minutes a day can be life-changing from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective. I can work with you to determine the best techniques to incorporate into your daily routine so that you can empower yourself to be successful in this area.  Sessions are 75 minutes, which includes hands-on meditation and stress reduction techniques, as well as some discussion around your goals, challenges, lifestyle, and other areas so that you can be successful implementing these techniques into your daily routine. Let me know if you want to get started!

Investment: $50 per session (75 minutes)

Pay for your 75 Minute Mindfulness Session Online ($50)

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 Corporate Mindfulness/Stress Reduction Workshops

Bring a mindfulness workshop to your workplace to empower your employees or colleagues to implement stress reduction techniques, learn to manage their energy for improved immune function and increased vitality, and/or learn general wellness techniques that they can incorporate into their daily lives to improve performance both in the workplace and in their personal lives. Having happy, healthy employees increases productivity and reduces absenteeism.  I believe in promoting wellness in the workplace because wellness works!

I would be grateful to customize a workshop that fits your vision, budget, and employee demographics. Let me know you are interested in more information….



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