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Private Yoga

Do you want to try yoga, but feel too intimidated to go to a group class or a studio? Does your daily schedule limit your class options? Maybe you just want some “one on one” time to practice the postures and concepts that resonate with you. Do you find yourself thinking you are not flexible enough to do yoga?  Don’t let those thoughts stop you from discovering an amazing “self-care” practice that can provide you with many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.  I offer private (or semi-private) yoga to fit your specific goals.  Lets chat if you are interested in learning more!

Investment: $50 per session (75 minutes)

Private yoga, learn yoga, yoga basics, meditation
“The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind” ~ Rodney Yee

Pay for your 75 Minute Yoga Session Online ($50)

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