Reiki Workshops (Offered in Parker/SE Aurora, CO)

If you can’t make any of the dates listed for workshops, but feel called to learn Reiki please contact me. I keep lists of interested people (and availability) and will coordinate additional workshops (primarily on weekdays) if I have 2 or more people.

2021 Remaining Workshops (Held in SE Aurora or Parker):

* You can sign up for both Reiki I and Reiki II in the same weekend if you wish or you can take all workshops separately. If interest or wait lists warrant, I will schedule 1 additional set of workshops in 2020.

Reiki I:
Sat Feb 6th
Sat May 1st

Sat Sept 18th

Sat Nov 13th

Reiki II:
Sun Feb 7th
Sun May 2nd

Sun Sept 19th

Sun Nov 14th

Reiki Master:
Thurs Feb 18th
Thurs May 13th

Thurs Sept 23rd

Wed Nov 17th

Feel free to call me at 303-981-3393 if you have additional questions about Reiki workshops. Or, shoot me an email by using the form below. Semi-private (2 or more people) courses and corresponding attunement can also be arranged with me directly for Reiki I, Reiki II, or Reiki Master. These classes typically take place during the week (M-F) from 9-3:45 in SE Aurora/Parker area.

More about how learning Reiki can add value to your health and well-being!

Do you feel that your spirit is lacking something? Do you have this feeling, deep within, that there is  a greater purpose that you are here to fulfill during your time on earth? Are you navigating a life change right now that is drawing you to look inward? Imagine the benefits of giving yourself Reiki everyday. It’s simple to learn and can have amazing life-long benefits.

Freedom through Reiki
Reconnect with your wholeness.


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