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 Reiki Workshops (Offered in Parker/SE Aurora, CO)

I am keeping a list of people interested in Reiki workshops. I teach all levels. Classes are small, informal and experiential. Once I have enough people (minimum of 3) for each level, I will reach out to find a time that works for everyone (or the majority).  Each level is a one day workshop, and you will leave with a certification and the ability to start practicing right away. Call, text or email me with the level(s) you are interested in, as well as general level of flexibility/availability. I look forward to connecting! 

Workshops are generally held in Parker. Plan to spend 8-9 hours with me for Reiki I, 6-7 hours with me for Reiki II and 5-6 hours with me for the Reiki Master class. 

Feel free to call me at 303-981-3393 if you have additional questions about Reiki workshops. Or, shoot me an email by using the form below. Private (one on one) and Semi-private (2 -3 people) classes with corresponding attunement can also be arranged with me directly for Reiki I, Reiki II, or Reiki Master. These classes typically take place during the week (M-F) from 9-3:45 in SE Aurora/Parker area.

More about how learning Reiki can add value to your health and well-being!

Do you feel that your spirit is lacking something? Do you have this feeling, deep within, that there is  a greater purpose that you are here to fulfill during your time on earth? Are you navigating a life change right now that is drawing you to look inward? Imagine the benefits of giving yourself Reiki everyday. It’s simple to learn and can have amazing life-long benefits.

Freedom through Reiki
Reconnect with your wholeness.



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