Show Gratitude this Season

Give Thanks

There are many ways to express gratitude this holiday season. Take the time this month to give thanks to both yourself and others in your life, whether it’s part of your meditation or yoga practice, other physical activities you enjoy, journaling, art, eating, or just being present in your daily activities.


This is a wonderful time of year to reconnect with friends and loved ones about how much we appreciate them in our lives. For the rest of the month, try to practice gratitude for all of the blessings in your life, and your connection to both the earth and the people in your life.  Learning to express gratitude daily takes practice for many of us, but I invite you to try to incorporate this into your daily routine for the next few weeks, and see how your life might change in a positive way. You may start to love this part of your daily routine so much that it becomes a permanent routine! Here are some simple ideas to get you started….

  • Take some time to clean out and donate unused toys and clothing to families in need or local charities
  • Make a jar and leave out blank slips of paper. Write something you are grateful for each time you think of it and place it in the jar. At the end of each week, empty the jar with friends or family and practice gratitude together
  • Make a “gratitude” tree and hang something you are thankful for on it each day
  • Clean out your pantry and donate “overstock/soon to expire” items  to a local food pantry or homeless shelter
  • Leave hand-written notes for loved ones around the house
  • Keep a gratitude journal. List 3 things you are grateful for each day (when you get up or before bed)
  • Express gratitude to your pets for their love and support
  • Compliment and thank your co-workers for supporting you each day
  • Offer thanks to nature by taking in deep breaths and appreciate all of the life it provides. Gaze at the trees (whether they are palm trees or tress covered in snow/frost, they all offer life and beauty), listen to the birds chirp, take in the wonder of all of the animals in nature
  • Give thanks each time you eat a meal. Take time to enjoy each bite as it nourishes your body
  • Thank yourself each time you make self-care a priority
  • Commit to clean eating. Most of us indulge in special things during the holidays, just make sure to indulge on something you really want, and practice moderation

Written by Amy Mazeski,